Pre-prints / submitted manuscripts

Please note that these pre-prints have not yet undergone peer review and may be revised as the work progresses

  • Seijdel N, Loke J, van de Klundert R, van der Meer M, Quispel E, van Gaal S, de Haan EHF, Scholte HS. (2020) On the necessity of recurrent processing during object recognition: it depends on the need for scene segmentation. [preprint]


  • Seijdel N, Tsakmakidis N, De Haan EHF, Bohte SM, Scholte HS. (2020). Depth in convolutional neural networks solves scene segmentation. PLoS Computational Biology, 16(7), e1008022. [preprint, link]
  • Seijdel N, Jahfari S, Groen IIA, Scholte HS. (2020). Low-level image statistics in natural scenes influence perceptual decision-making. Scientific reports10(1), 1-9. [preprint, link, data & code, osf]
  • de Haan EHF, Seijdel N, Kentridge RW, Heywood CA. (2019). Plasticity versus chronicity: stable performance on category fluency 40 years post-onset. Journal of Neuropsychology [link]
  • Groen IIA, Jahfari S, Seijdel N, Ghebreab S, Lamme, VAF, Scholte HS. (2018). Scene complexity modulates degree of feedback activity during object detection in natural scenes. PLoS Computational Biology14(12), e1006690. [preprint, link, osf]
  • Smits AR, Seijdel N, Scholte HS, Heywood CA, Kentridge RW, de Haan EHF. (2019). Action blindsight and antipointing in a hemianopic patient. Neuropsychologia, 128, 270-275. [link]

Conference proceedings

  • Seijdel N, Tsakmakidis N, de Haan EHF, Bohte SM, Scholte HS. (2019). Implicit scene segmentation in deeper convolutional neural networks. 2019 Conference on Cognitive Computational Neuroscience. [link